What are the payment options?

You can always pay cash, usd, candian dollars or Mexican pesos, also you can pay with credit/debit card with an additional 7% commission.

How can I reserve my Wedding date?

Now is easly to make to book your event with us, just select on Reserve your wedding’s date, enter your data, add some extras, and pay online with PayPal®.

Still with questions? Give us a call at +52 (322)2970218.

How do you deliver the pictures?

We provide a Pen-Drive with all your pictures according to the package you purchase in high resolution.

I'm Interested in the Printed album. How long it takes to deliver?

We deliver your album to your home in 30 days.

How long will it take for me to have the pictures?

In maximum period of time of 7 days.

Can I put together a personalized package?

Yes, you can always ask for your own package basing on your needs.

Is there an extra cost if my Wedding takes places in other different location than Marival Resort?

Yes, we do have an extra cost for attending to events outside the resort.

How many photographers will attend to my event?

2 Team Bridal’s Photographers highly qualified will be attending to your event.

What other kind of events do you attend?

Any event that it is important to you.

What happens if it rains during my event?

We keep working as normal as long as you event is not postponed or cancelled.

The studio also has video services?

Yes, we do, however this will is not included in the photography packages.

How long it takes to deliver the video?

Usually 45 days.